The only Snowboarding & Ski Lessons in Colorado Springs

Skiing and snowboarding are challenging sports that create an incredibly satisfying feeling when you conquer the mountain with its breathtaking beauty all around you.  Ski Maxx is dedicated to teaching beginners in a safe, easy way and allows skilled skiers and snowboarders to build your strength and endurance before you get on the mountain.  Ultimately, it reduces falling by a large margin which allows you to stay warm and enjoy the sport.

For fitness, this machine is by far one of the best tools for skiers and snowboarders to stay fit all year long with very little impact to your joints, at the same time it strengthens better than other cardio machines.  One hour is equal to a full day of skiing. And most importantly, it is fun do to with friends. Come try it!

We offer private snowboarding lessons and private ski lessons. We also offer snowboarding and ski lessons for kids of all ages and adults!