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Indoor Endless Ski Slopes have been around since the 70's, I know first hand because I had the privilege of teaching on one in the late 70's after teaching skiing in Europe.  To my amazement, I realized the benefits of training and learning on one of these machines.  I watched non-athletic people change into athletes before my eyes. The workout is astonishing and the mirrors allow you to see what you're doing and helps you develop your own skills.  It minimizes falling because we teach you the body position, front, back, and side to side that you need to be within to control your skis through the different variables that you encounter on the mountain.

Come in and fine tune your ability, tone yourself up for the ski season or just stay fit with us all year long. If you are a beginner, take a few lessons so when you go to the mountain, you're more relaxed, confident and you will enjoy your first experience by taking pride in your new found ability.

Susie Cole

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